Unwrap the Magic of Giving: 50+ Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients!

Holiday Gifts Ideas for Clients, Employees

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching, and with it comes the joy of giving and spreading holiday cheer! It's the season to show appreciation, gratitude, and goodwill to those who make your professional world brighter and your business merrier. As a business leader, you understand the importance of nurturing relationships with your dedicated employees and valued clients. What better way to express your gratitude than by choosing the perfect holiday gift?

In the world of corporate gifting, the options are as endless as the falling snowflakes – and we've compiled a festive treasure trove of 50+ delightful holiday gift ideas to make your task easier and your recipients happier. From elegant and heartfelt to whimsical and practical, our selection spans the spectrum of possibilities to ensure that your gifts will be met with smiles, gratitude and that heartwarming holiday spirit.

So, join us on this sleigh ride through a winter wonderland of gift ideas as we help you navigate the magical journey of giving back to those who have contributed to your year's success.

Ready-To-Ship Gift Boxes

In the whirlwind of the holiday season, finding the perfect gifts for your team of employees and cherished clients can be a daunting task, especially when you're busy with Q4 tasks! That's where our ready-to-ship options shine! Our thoughtfully curated premade gift boxes are a breeze to send. Just pick a gift, add a message, and we'll handle the rest. It's the gift of convenience, thoughtfulness, and above all, the joy of giving without the fuss.

Snack Sampler Classic Bento Box              

Unwrap the joy of our Snack Sampler Classic Gift Box – a delightful medley of sweet and savory treasures. It features a delicious ensemble of sweets and treats perfectly packaged and bursting with flavor, embodying the warmth and indulgence of the holiday season. 

Sweets & Treats Bento Box

Why not take a trip down holiday lane with this delightful assortment of sweet treats designed for the entire family to enjoy? Inside, you'll find a tempting selection of artisan chocolates, hot cocoa, and caramel goodies all infused with the warmth and flavors of the season.


Grace & Gratitude Gift Boxes

These festive bundles of comfort and serenity are a heartfelt expression of appreciation and the joy of giving. Inside, you'll find a cozy and soothing selection in each one, elegantly presented with deluxe gift wrap and an enclosure card. It's the perfect way to convey your warmest sentiments during the holiday season.


Comfort & Care Gift Box

Extend a hand of kindness with a basket that wraps its recipient in tenderness and love.

Holiday Cheer Gift Box

Get into the holiday spirit and spread some cheer! This gift box comes filled with goodies, including 2 Hammond's Candies Dark Chocolate Dunking Spoons, perfect for a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter's morning. 

Ultimate Spa Day Gift Box

Embrace the spirit of giving with this opulent collection, meticulously crafted to deliver the ultimate pampering experience. Let them luxuriate in a serene oasis of relaxation and self-care, where the joy of the holiday season melds seamlessly with the gift of indulgence.

Foodie Gift Crate

Nothing says 'Happy Holidays!' more than a food-themed basket in the middle of the festive season. Give them the gift of a gourmet items from Brightland and remind them of all the ways they made work awesome this year!

Relax & Reflect Comfort Kit

Invite them to unwind and contemplate life's wonders with this Relax & Reflect Comfort Kit, a passport to inner peace.

Soothing Sanctuary Luxury Gift Crate

Elevate your holiday gifting with this gift crate! It's a superb choice for clients and employees, delivering a world of relaxation and self-care. Inside, they'll discover carefully selected spa essentials and cozy socks, creating a sanctuary of tranquility during the festive rush. This elegant gift crate is a gracious way to show appreciation and share the holiday spirit with those who contribute to your success. Make this season extra special for your valued team and clients with the Soothing Sanctuary Luxury Gift Crate.


Build-Your-Own Gift Box

Would you prefer to select your team's gift items yourself? No problem!Craft your very own holiday magic in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Add our Build-Your-Own Gift Box to cart($12).

Step 2: Fill the cart with hand-selected holiday treasures.

Step 3: At checkout, add a heartwarming Greeting Card or a personalized Gift Message and we'll include it in your gift box!

Here are a few items that you could add to your own custom gift box to make the perfect holiday gift.

Hot Chocolate Goodness!

Do they want Hot Chocolate Bombs or Hot Chocolate on A Stick? How about both?! Using couverture Belgian chocolate, hand-crafted marshmallows, and delicious hot cocoa powder, deliver an experience that sends them on a hot chocolate adventure! 

Handstamped Cookies

Sweeten up someone’s day with cookies that have your warmest wishes baked right in. These shortbread cookies feature a buttery flavor that’s not too sweet and a festive message stamped right on the front.

Wine, Spirits & Cocktail Kits

Raise a glass to the season of giving with our exquisite Kits, the perfect gift for your esteemed clients and dedicated employees this holiday. The clinking of glasses and the art of mixology are timeless holiday traditions, and our kits are designed to infuse festive joy into those moments. As you present these gifts to them, you're not just gifting libations; you're offering a toast to their hard work and commitment throughout the year. Our wine, spirits, and cocktail kits are a token of gratitude, crafted to warm hearts and add a touch of sparkle to their holiday season.

Blueberry Lavender Cocktail Infusion Kit

Speaking of cocktail kits, this beautifully layered, full-flavor kit pairs with pretty much everything. Rich berry, comforting lavender, and a slight tang of lemon is perfect for cocktails at that snowy time of year.

Truff Mini Hot Sauce Variety Pack

Unveil our festive Mini Variety Pack – a delightful, compact showcase of the TRUFF family's gourmet sauces! Each bottle is a culinary gem, and they come beautifully presented in a matte black and gold foil gift box. It's the perfect holiday gift for flavor enthusiasts and foodies alike!

Soy & Scallion Noodles
A base of soy sauce and sesame oil creates the perfect balance of salty, sweet, and savory flavors in our Soy and scallion noodles. Welcome to your new favorite noodle: air-dried, never fried, and packed with flavor!
Chilli Black Truffle
Chili Crunch and black truffle, a festive pairing made in culinary heaven. As they come together, the truffle's rich flavor blossoms with a touch of gentle heat, creating an earthy complexity that harmonizes with the smoky-sweet chili notes. A truly exceptional treat for their taste buds this holiday season!
Holiday Soy Candles
Do you know what says, 'Have Happy, warm holidays!'? A scented soy candle infused with natural essential oils! You can even send us your logo or artwork and we'll get it engraved on the jars just to make it extra special! Here are a couple of candles that you can pair with a rechargeable electric lighter and include in your custom gift box :

Happy Holidays Soy Candle

Warm & Cozy Soy Candle

Christmas Tree Soy Candle

Merry Bright Soy Candle

Fa La La La La Soy Candle

Mulled Cider Soy Candle

Frasier Fir Green Glass Soy Candle

Frasier Fir Travel Tin Candle
Merry Tea Towel
This 100% cotton merry hand towel is sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit! This festive kitchen towel is great for gift exchanges, holiday parties, and hostess gifts.

Luxury Gourmet Herbal Tea
Treat them to the world of our gourmet herbal teas, a fantastic holiday gift. These exquisite blends promise a delightful and festive experience, inviting you to savor the season's warmth and well-being with every cup.

The Travelling Bar Cart
Bring the festivities with you wherever you go! Our Traveling Bar Cart is the perfect gift for those who enjoy a good drink on the move. Whether out in nature, on a road trip, or just away from the home bar cart, you deserve a moment of pure delight. So, grab your favorite company, bring out your Traveling Bar Cart, and let the good times roll. It's time to pour a drink, stir, clink glasses, take a sip, and say, "Cheers!" Happy hour is wherever you are!

Kitchen Essentials 18 Pack Spices & Seasonings Collection
Get ready to sizzle and celebrate with our Spices & Seasonings Collection, the ultimate gift for kitchen masters and food enthusiasts. Say goodbye to the guesswork of marinades, rubs, and seasonings! Whether you're cooking up succulent pork chops, grilled chicken, or even scrumptious cauliflower steaks and zucchini, this collection has you covered. Ignite the flavor and let the festive grilling begin! 
Coffee Explorer Box

Take a coffee world tour from your own home with our Coffee Explorer Box! Experience five unique, single-origin specialty coffee beans from around the globe. The coffee information is concealed, so you can savor without preconceptions. Use the tasting form to record your impressions during a self-guided tasting or join our instructor-led live tasting. When you're ready to know more, open the envelope with coffee cards for tasting notes and origin details. It's a gift that turns your coffee routine into a global adventure!

Box Office Hits Popcorn Set

The holiday snacks are never complete without a big bowl of fresh-popped popcorn. Make movie night even better with this ultimate Box Office Hits Popcorn Set complete with 3 Bags of premium white popcorn kernels and 5 shake-on seasonings sure to satisfy every flavor-craving.

Holiday Spreads Sampler Gift Collection

Perfect for pleasing all sorts of palates, our sampler contains mini-sized versions of six best-sellers, including three sweet jams, two zesty mustards and a savory spread. Elegantly packaged in a red-and-white box featuring a festive tartan and pine cone design, this ready-to-give gift recalls the cozy comforts of the season.


Howliday Cheer Mug Christmas Dog Toy

Spread some holiday cheer to your furry friend with the Howliday Cheer Mug Plush Dog Toy. This playful Christmas-themed toy is a clever play on seasonal holiday drinks. Made with soft and durable plush material, it's perfect for cuddling and interactive play. With a built-in squeaker, this toy will keep your pup entertained for hours. Bring some festive "woof" to your pup's playtime with the Howliday Cheer Mug Plush Dog Toy! 

Fizz The Season Self-Care Kit

Celebrate the season with our festive gift set, complete with all the essential elements for achieving radiant and luminous skin amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday festivities.

Winter Discovery Scented Candle Tin Set

Can you tell that we love holiday candles? Discover six singular scents of the season with this limited-edition set of 2 oz. Mini Scented Candle Tins. Each evocative fragrance is packaged in a midnight-blue tin and gift box featuring a nostalgic holiday illustration accentuated by festive gold detailing!

Noel Mini Dried Bouquet

Elevate the holiday spirit with our enchanting Dried Flower Bouquet – a timeless and thoughtful gift that captures the essence of the season. Bursting with a delicate array of preserved blooms, this exquisite bouquet is a harmonious blend of nature's beauty and festive cheer.

Branded Gifts

This holiday, elevate your gift-giving with customized items that add a personal touch. From monogrammed popcorn poppers to engraved mugs, tailor your presents to reflect the recipient's unique style and preferences. Beyond just gifts, these personalized items become cherished mementos, creating lasting memories and expressing the joy of celebrating individuality. Make this season unforgettable by sharing the warmth and thoughtfulness of customized holiday presents. Contact  us to learn how you can make this possible!

Send Them An Instant Gift

Concerned about sending holiday gifts to your clients and partners without their shipping addresses? No need to fret – we've got a solution! Simply send them an e-vite, informing them of an upcoming goodie pack and giving them the chance to enter their shipping addresses. Problem solved!

Gift of Choice

Everybody loves options, that's why Giften Market gives you a different experience that let's your recipients 5+ git options to pick from!

How it works:

  • Choose a collection based on your budget ($50 / $80 / $100)

  • Add recipient details 

  • Personalize the gift message

  • Select send now or schedule for later

We also offer custom "Gift of Choice" collections! Drop us a note to learn more about our Custom Storefronts & Gift of Choice Collections.


As we get into this festive journey through the world of holiday gifting, remember that the true magic lies in the joy of giving. Whether you've chosen personalized treasures, thoughtful experiences, or curated collections, each gift is a reflection of your love and appreciation for the special people in your life. As the holiday season unfolds, may these tokens of affection bring warmth, smiles, and cherished moments. From all of us at Giften Market, we wish you a season filled with love, laughter, and the delight of sharing meaningful gifts that create lasting memories.

Happy holidays!


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