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Unique Corporate Gifts - Giften Market
If you have ever gotten a surprise by mail, you’ll know how effective gift-giving in a business setting can be. The recipient feels an immediate and distinct connection to the giver that can only be achieved by thoughtfulness and a personalized experience. 

Corporate Gift Boxes - Our Process

Giften Market puts the ‘wow’ back in corporate gifts! We pride ourselves on our range of unique and high-quality items sourced from small businesses—there is truly something for everyone and every occasion.

You won’t find basic boxes of chocolate or cheap branded swag here. ‘Exquisite’, ‘exclusive,’ and ‘distinctive’ are words that our happy clients use to describe our products and service.  

Isn’t it time to show your customers and employees how you appreciate them?  

 How to Design and Send Custom Corporate Gifts from Giften Market

Custom Corporate Gifts for Clients & Employees

  • Let your customers know their business is valued. Studies show that clients with an emotional connection to your brand will spend up to three times more in relation to your brand than regular customers.
  • Unique gifts can make your employees feel valued beyond measure. They feel a sense of belonging and a connection to the team. As a result, employees serve your business, customers, and prospects better. Use Giften Market employee gifts to celebrate a new home, a new baby, years of service, the completion of a training program, or reward employees who went the extra mile to achieve a business goal.

Custom Corporate Gifts - Giften Market

How Our Corporate Gift Service Works

1. Choose your gifts

Do you have something creative in mind that should send a special message? 
Put your own corporate gift box together - with our help! 

We source our products from more than 150 talented artisans across the US, and there is something for everyone! We also can help source or design custom logo products.
We're happy to provide holiday business gift ideas.  

Need gifts ASAP? We’ve also got more than 75 ready-to-ship gift compilations that you can choose from. Talk to us about your budget or theme. 

2. Share your message and a spreadsheet

Each of your corporate gift box orders includes a custom greeting card displaying your message. 

Please provide a list of your recipient addresses at least 10 business days before our ship date. We have template you can use that integrates with our shipping system.

3. We will handle the rest
Leave the nitty-gritty of kitting, gift wrapping, and shipping to Giften Market. We can even include your existing corporate branded items or client product along with other Giften sourced items in your gift box. Contact us to learn more about our kitting process and customization options.

One of our dedicated Account Managers will keep an eye on your project every step of the way! 

To keep in mind:

  • Please give us 3 weeks lead time for corporate orders over 25 gift boxes.

  • For a limited time only:  

    Order more than 50 corporate gift boxes and get your message card designed and printed for free! .

    We will add your logo and your message to a 5 x 7 printed card. You are also welcome to use your own graphic designer – please share your 5 x 7 print-ready card with us. 

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