Send Gifts Instantly - No Address Needed!


Send joyful gifts in just a few clicks

Welcome to gifting made easy! We’ve partnered with Zest to offer you a slick and swift gift shopping experience. With Zest, you can send one or tons of gifts to clients, customers, coworkers, and teammates in just minutes — no shipping addresses needed.


How to send a gift with Zest

Pick the perfect gift(s).
Choose one or more of our products from the Zest gifting portal to spread some serious delight or crush your next gift campaign.

Gift to one (or tons) with a text, email, or link.
Add your recipients, then choose to send their gift message via text, email, or shareable link. No addresses needed.

Personalize your gift note.
Personalize your gift note with dynamic names, branded card designs, and thoughtful words that leave a lasting impression.

Send instantly (or schedule for later).
Choose to surprise your recipient with their digital gift message and unwrapping right away or schedule to send on a special date.


Q: Does the recipient see their gift?
A: Recipients see their gifts as part of the digital unwrapping experience. If you’d like to save the surprise, schedule to send your gift notification on the day of the event!

Q: Do recipients need a smartphone?
A: If your recipient’s phone number is tied to a landline, make sure to choose “email” or “link” as your notification method. If you try to send a text to a landline, it’ll bounce.

Q: What if recipients don’t accept their gifts?
A: Zest will automatically send nudges to recipients to encourage gift unwrapping and acceptance. You can also send personal reminders along with resharing their gift links.

Q: Is this a physical gift?
A: This is a digital gift notification! This means that your recipients will get to digitally unwrap their gift, read your card, and get giddy with anticipation as the physical product ships.

Q: Why not just send a gift card?
A: Billions of gift card dollars go unspent every year because they’re forgettable. Picking out a present, writing a personal note, and giving recipients this experience is more memorable.

Q: How do my recipients track their gift?
A: Your recipients can opt into tracking. You and your recipients can check package tracking to ensure every present gets safely to its destination.

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