10 Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

Whether the dads in your life are movie night lovers (might I suggest the new Top Gun movie), old fashioned cocktail connoisseurs, or the rugged outdoorsman type it can be difficult to think of a thoughtful, yet useful Father's Day Gift. Dads are notoriously hard to shop for. Many times it seems we end up buying the same basic gifts every year, hardware store gift cards and t-shirts. 

A gift box full of useful and thoughtful products your dad can enjoy, eat, and use instantly is a great option. It does not have to be a pain to shop for picky dads. Take a look at some tried-and-true Father's Day top picks below. 

1. Men's Self-Care Gift Box

Men's Self Care Gift Box- Giften Market

2. Snack Sampler Bento Box

Snack Sampler Bento Box


4. The Old Fashioned Gift Crate

The Old Fashioned Gift Crate- Giften Market


5. Ultimate Backyard BBQ Collection- 10 Pack

Ultimate Backyard BBQ Collection 10 Pack

6. Men's Grooming Gift Basket

Men's Grooming Gift Basket



7. Movie Marathon Gift Box 

Movie Marathon Gift Box

8. Men's Self-Care Gift Craft

Men's Self-Care Gift Craft


9. Moscow Mule Gift Basket

Moscow Mule Gift Basket

10. Movie Night Gift Box- Deluxe


 Movie Night Gift Box- Deluxe



Even if it is Father's Day today or in a couple days, it is never too late. Just pick a ready-to-ship gift, add a heartfelt note, and send instantly. Your dad, minutes or miles away, will receive an exciting digital opening experience in seconds (the same day you sent it). 

Plus, by sending a more personal gift with the "send instantly" button your dad can always swap the gift for something else. A win-win, dad gets just what he wanted and you can have less shopping stress.

About Giften Market

The Giften team is passionate about supporting emerging entrepreneurs and small businesses. We strive to shed light on the real people pouring their hearts and souls into their business ventures. For these makers, this line couldn't be more true:

"When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance."

And when you buy from a small business that buys from small businesses, the cycle continues! While we can't compete with big-box advertising budgets or promise same-day delivery, we can band together and make a huge impact, one happy dance at a time. 

Thanks for shopping small!

-Martha Krueger

Founder & Owner, Giften Market

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