Introducing Gourmet Grocery: Coffee, Tea, Sweets & Treats

Our gourmet grocery section is growing! From coffee to cocktails, healthy snacks to decadent desserts - we’ve got your gourmet gifts covered. Here's a peek at what's new.


1. Lush Wine Mix in fresh spring + summer flavors. 

Lush Wine Mix Craft Cocktails

Craft cocktail mixes made with all natural ingredients. Popular pairing:
Lush Wine Original Frose Mix + Porter Glass Cup in Blush.

2. Folly Coffee - Classic Jo in 12oz + 4oz bags.
Folly Coffee and Treats - Giften Market

Folly Coffee classic Jo is for the coffee drinker that likes a traditional cup of coffee, but brought up to the next level. Popular pairing: Folly Classic JoPorter Ceramic Coffee Mug + Yes Bar - Coffee 'N Chocolate

3. Raaka Chocolate unroasted dark chocolate bars.Raaka Chocolate Bars - Giften Market

Raaka is uncommonly delicious chocolate that captures the brighter, bolder, and fruitier side of cacao handmade in small batches in Brooklyn, NY. Popular pairing: Pink Sea Salt featured in a gift box like Margot, or Bourbon Cask Aged + Annie B's Caramels and Popcorn

4. Aged & Infused Cocktail Infusion Kits for quality cocktails at home.

Aged & Infused Cocktail Infusion Kits - Giften Market

Infusion kits come complete with a 16 oz. vessel, pre-measured ingredients and a hand-made filtering pour spout. The perfect addition to any bar cart! Popular pairing: Pick 3 bottles to create your own "Stock the Bar" gift set. 

5. Salted Caramels by Mayana Chocolate.Mayana Chocolate Caramels - Giften Market

Mayana Chocolate is run by husband and wife team, Daniel and Tamara Herskovic, who are as in love with chocolate as they are with each other. Daniel takes world class chocolate, adds his culinary finesse, and creates the edible treasures of Mayana.
Virtual Happy Hour Gift Box - Giften Market

Popular Pairings: You really can't go wrong with any Mayana Chocolates product, but we like to pair Salted Caramels or a Kitchen Sink Bar with treats from other small batch makers, like Annie B's, Wes Candy Co., and W&P to create a Virtual Happy Hour Gift Set. 



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