9 Birthday Gift Ideas for Friends

Birthday Gift ideas
No matter if this is your first time buying a birthday gift for a new friend or you have known them forever it can be hard to find a thoughtful gift. Plus it takes so much planning to wrap and ship the gift in order for it to arrive on time. If you are an excellent and savvy gift giver this one is for you.
The process is simple:

Most everything on Giften Market would work great as a birthday gift though if you want to "birthday-ify" your box here are some of our top gifts to add to your personalized box!

A Vanilla Buttercream scented candle that smells heavenly and has over 40 hours of burn time. Don't forget to add celebratory matches to go with.
Send a Birthday Gift Box
A thoughtful card and candy bar in one! 
Sugarfina- Happy Birthday Candy Greeting Card
A unique special treat with candle included.
The Crispery- Happy Birthday Crispycake
4. Sparklers
The Gold Mini Sparklers are perfect to add to cakes and cupcakes for birthdays. The Sparkler Card is the perfect card to add to a gift and is sure to light up the occasion.
Happy Birthday Sparklers
5. Sugarfina Birthday Candy Cubes
Make every day your birthday with these celebratory Birthday Cake Caramels, an artisan caramel center dipped in creamy white chocolate. Also try the Birthday Cake Cookie Bites, both are infused with a colorful splash of rainbow confetti.
Sugarfina Birthday Gift Basket
Black tea with rainbow sprinkles.
Happy Birthday Tea Gift
Compartés Chocolatier Birthday Cake gourmet white chocolate bar makes any celebration sweeter.
Birthday Cake Chocolate Bar
This Birthday in a Box is the perfect gift for anyone! What's inside? Unwind a surprise ball and find a fortune, sweets, birthday candle, bubbles, golden crown, fortune fish, tattoo, party blower and other fun surprises.
Birthday in a Box- Curated Birthday Gift
Indulge in our celebratory sweet treat and have yourself a party!
Happy Birthday Cookie

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