8 Reasons Why Giften Market is the Best Place to Shop for Gift Baskets Online

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Are you tired of endlessly scrolling in search of the perfect gift? So were we. That's why in 2019 we launched Giften Market, your online destination for curated gift boxes and baskets. Today we operate with the same relentless focus on making gift shopping less stressful. It seems to be working, as Giften Market has been named to BuzzFeed's Best Places to Shop for Gift Baskets Online list.

We had our suspicions as to why we received such high praise, but decided to let the editors share their opinions in this post. Turns out, it's less awkward than tooting our own horn. 

Introducing Giften Market: Thoughtful Gifts for Everyone On Your List

Mindfulness Gift Box - Giften Market
With its diverse selection of unique and personalized products, easy-to-navigate website, and exceptional customer service, Giften Market has earned its reputation as the go-to destination for all your gifting needs. In this blog post, we'll explore eight reasons why Giften Market stands out from the crowd and has become the top choice for gift shoppers.


1. Select from Dozens of Curated Gift Boxes all Wrapped Up and Ready to Go


Instead of spending hours searching for the perfect gift, Giften customers can simply select a gift from dozens of premade designs. Each style is packaged together in a beautiful gift box, trimmed out with crinkle paper and a satin bow.

Why We Love It: Process only takes a few clicks and boom! your to-do list just got shorter.

2. Create a Completely Custom Gift in Minutes

In addition to a robust Ready-to-Ship Collection, Giften Market has a catalog of over 800 individual products that can be mixed-and-matched to make the perfect present for someone special. Building your own gift box can be a fun and creative process, and the options truly are endless.


By building your own gift box, you have complete control over the contents and can tailor it to fit the recipient's personality and interests. Plus, it shows so much extra thought and care (as opposed to... you know, something that arrives in an Amazon box).

Why We Love It: You'll be the gifting hero they won't soon forget!

 3. Shop Small with Ease: Make a Difference By Supporting Local Businesses

Giften Market Curated Gifts

Giften sources their products from over 150 small business vendors across the US. Their buyers select only the best quality, with a focus on unique items that are not commonly found in big box stores. 

Why We Love It:  You'd have to hit up dozens of boutiques to match their selection - and nobody has time for errands like that!

4. Glowing 5-Star Reviews


Giften's commitment to exceptional quality and customer service shines through in their reviews. Customers rave about the easy-to-navigate website, fast and reliable shipping, and wide variety of products. Corporate gift clients call Giften Market "a lifesaver" with many Event Planners and Office Managers mentioning how they'll be back for more projects.

"I have nothing but positive feedback from my first experience ordering through Giften. Your user experience is phenomenal, all of the guess work was taken out, and it was simple from beginning to end to get my order taken care of." -Leah P.

Why We Love It: The Giften team literally told me to outsource gifting to them. Felt a little guilty since it's part of my job, but it was glorious.

5. Option to Send Gifts via Email or Text for Instant Digital Delivery

Send an Instant Gift - Giften Market

With their digital delivery method, each recipient enters their shipping address so you don’t have to worry about it! Say goodbye to the awkward "Hey, can I get your address?" question. Perfect for maintaining privacy among clients and prospects, especially in the work from home era.

Why We Love It: Perfect for all kinds of time-sensitive situations. Need a gift today? Send a gift today without stressing about deadlines.

6. Schedule Gifts to Be Delivered at a Specific Date / Time

Happy Birthday Gift Box - Giften Market

Scheduling gifts in advance can alleviate stress and reduce the likelihood of forgetting important occasions, such as birthdays or work anniversaries. By planning ahead and scheduling gifts in advance, you can ensure that the recipient can digitally unwrap their gift at the perfect time. 

Why We Love It: Set it and forget it at it's finest!

7. Let Them Choose The Perfect Gift

Select a Gift Box
With digital gift delivery, recipients can swap a gift for something else of similar value if the original gift doesn't suit them. This way everyone gets exactly what they want, and nothing they don't. Talk about a win-win.

Why We Love It: A thoughtful gift (vs. gift card) that can seamlessly be exchanged for something else if it doesn't meet the mark.

8. Ability to Add a Custom Greeting Card in Just a Few Clicks

Card Isle Custom Greeting Cards

When you're shopping GiftenMarket.com and add any product to cart, you'll see an "Add Greeting Card" button in the cart view. Click on that, and a database of 25,000+ artist-made card designs will appear.

This “endless aisle” of occasion-specific and customizable greetings really sets your gift apart from the pack. Upload photos, logos, and personal messages quickly and easily. Your card is printed onto linen-weave paper and secured in an envelope on top of your gift.

High-End-Gift-Boxes copy.jpg

Gift Shopping, Minus the Stress

We clearly can't get enough of Giften Market - it's our go-to for gifts. We'd encourage you to check it out yourself and see just how fun and easy gift shopping can be!

Whether you have 3 minutes (head to: Ready-to-Ship Gift Boxes), 10+ minutes (Build-Your-Own Gift Box), or want to send gifts to a large group of people digitally (head to: Digital Delivery Collection), chances are you'll find exactly what you need, and so much more!

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