50+ Women-Owned Businesses to Support

When it comes to supporting Women-Owned businesses, we want it to be easy to find products that align with your needs. Our recently updated Women-Owned Collection pulls each women-owned business into one spot for easy shopping.

We encourage you to explore and discover some rad new products and the people behind them.

The About the Maker section of each product listing provides background information on each entrepreneur and the impact they're making in the community. 

Below find a snapshot of a few of the 50+ women-owned business we stock and the stories behind them.

Big Heart Tea Co.

Big Heart Tea Co. is a midwest-based, woman-owned tea company on a covert mission to make people feel good through healing herbs.

We're scrappy spice millers, herb blenders, tea crafters, chai brewers, and magic makers. We dig connecting people to plants and to the concept of food as medicine – while making it taste really, really good.

Big Heart Tea
jcoco chocolate

CHOCOLATE THAT FEEDS. Providing meals to neighbors in need with every bar sold.

Seattle Chocolate Company owner and CEO, Jean Thompson, founded jcoco, her ultra-premium chocolate brand, in 2012. Her goal was twofold: to elevate the way that we experience chocolate and to turn our everyday indulgence into an opportunity to make a difference.


jcoco chocolate
Giddy Up Nuts

We at Giddy Up Nuts are California foodies who are passionate about an adventure and love eating well. We are woman owned and founded out of a desire to craft a delicious snack to satisfy your everyday wanderings. 


Giddy Up Nuts
Pinch Me Therapy Dough

Nancy Rothner, creator of Pinch Me Therapy Dough, is a clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in stress reduction. Seeing the toll that tension takes on the body and mind, Nancy embarked on a quest to create a simple, holistic, stress reduction technique that could be used anytime, anywhere.

Pinch Me, the non-prescription, drug free, 'as-needed' relief supplement that stressed-out souls could use ‘in a pinch’ was born.

Keep an eye out for Pinch Me on ABC's Shark Tank tomorrow night!


Pinch Me Therapy Dough

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