Gender Neutral Baby Gift Ideas

New babies are something to celebrate. Whether you need a baby shower gift that will impress fast or want to send a gift from miles away a custom gift box full of essentials for both mom and baby is a sure bet. The gift of a new baby is a time in which you want to make the parents feel like you love and support them. Regardless if it is a first time parent or a large family veteran everyone appreciates thoughtful support on the crazy journey of parenting.

1. O.B. Design Plush Soft Toys

You can feel the quality of these toys by the touch. Each toy has a name, bio, likes, and occupation to help bring excitement to play.

Calming, relaxing and they call it bathtime magic for a reason. A warm bath awaits with sea salt and essentials oils to help rejuvenate little bodies after long days.

3. Pebble Crocheted Rattles 

Knitted with love and made from 100% cotton yarn- these rattles are adorable and interactive.

The perfect bundle with all the first year essentials for a little one. What a great gift it is to allow parents to document a babies first year with the dyecute numbers and month set for adorable monthly photos.
These products were made with usefulness in mind! These generously sized, 3 layer open-weave items are loved by parents and babies alike.
Shop our full baby collection to mix and match over 100 products making each gift unique and personalized for your recipient.

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