10 Host/Hostess Gift Ideas For Summer Parties

‘Tis the season for summer parties! We've selected some items to spark your inspiration on expressing gratitude for your hosts/hostesses. No matter the event this summer, we've got you covered. Sunshine, it's Giften time!

Build a thank you gift box

Aloha! Fresh summer skin.



The ultimate easy Sunday breakfast after weekend shenanigans! 




She snacks on sea salt caramels down by the sea shore.....



Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Low Calorie, All-Natural , Made in the USA all wrapped up in an aesthetically-pleasing package. 



Adorable bottle, healthy ingredients and best enjoyed poolside.

Everyone aspires to have the most creative mixed drinks, let Maya's syrup help!



The cheerful vessel to carry any drink!


A sweet treat with refreshing flavor.



Encourage your host/hostess to show their skin some love after a day of being outside



Beachy home decor & an excuse for a candlelight dinner by the beach.


Build a thank you gift box today!

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