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Silicone Cleansing Mitt - Midnight Paloma
Facial Cleansing Mitt - Giften Market

Midnight Paloma

Silicone Cleansing Mitt

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Our silicone cleansing mitt is a gentle way to cleanse and deliver a deeply clean feel.

Eco friendly and anti-bacterial, the tiny bristles exfoliate, soften and invigorate the skin. Use the suction cup to hang to dry after use.

-Fast drying, hang to dry so no bacteria can form!
-Clean and exfoliate your skin to open pores and gently remove impurities and dead skin. Massage your skin to promote blood circulation.
-Non-Abrasive - good for all skin types

    Eco-Friendly - Handmade - Organic

    Powerhouse ingredients that are all natural and beneficial for healthy living. 

    After working in the beauty industry for 12 years, founder Tayler Mariles set her focus on creating her own clean beauty brand using all-natural ingredients.
    Along with an organic certified lab, and in-house aromatherapist, Tayler used her industry knowledge to develop a collection of signature formulas based on a core belief that select, multi-purpose hero ingredients could be a foundation of clean beauty and self-care.

    Her first products, a detox collection featuring charcoal, and a calming collection with chamomile remain the pillars of the Midnight Paloma portfolio. Pair these products with a curated selection of multi-purpose skin tools and Midnight Paloma is a complete self-care routine. All products are made with the highest quality natural ingredients, cruelty free, and wherever possible: Organic.