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Shower Steamers Energy 4pk - Giften Market
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Essence One

Shower Steamers - Energy

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You haven't lived until you have tried a shower steamer! These natural shower delights are easy to use and blast your shower with your favorite Essence One blend.

Simply drop one onto the shower floor into the water stream before entering your shower. Give it a minute or two to disperse and enter. Enjoy a couple minutes in the warm water, surrounded by this energizing scent and prepare for your day.

Size: Set of 4 handmade steamers


Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Coconut Oil*, Kaolin Clay, Brazilian or French Clay, Herbs* or Salts and Essential Oils.

Essence One handcrafts small batch, 100% natural, aromatherapy based bath and body products. We handcraft all our products which are formulated by our owner, a certified aromatherapist, and they aim to assist with stress and anxiety relief. In an effort to raise awareness for anxiety and depression, Essence One donates a portion of their profits to a specific mental health organization every quarter.