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Giddy Up Nuts - Rosemary Garlic
Rosemary Garlic Spiced Almonds - Giften Market
Giddy Up Nuts - Rosemary Garlic
Gourmet Spiced Nuts - Giften Market
Rosemary Garlic Spiced Almonds
Rosemary Spiced Almonds - 6oz

Giddy Up Nuts

Rosemary Garlic Spiced Almonds

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Giddy Up Nuts utilizes California almonds and fresh, all-natural ingredients to dream up flavor combinations that are in sync with what is in-season and abundant at the local farmer's markets. All flavors are made by hand, in small batches. So, put down the junk food and let Giddy Up Nuts, put a little kick in your nuts!

They are a great snack devoured on their own, added to salads and make great additions to cheese plates. Our 6oz spiced almonds are packed in an eye catching resealable pouch, perfect for the pantry, hostess gifts, road trips, weekend adventures, plane trips and appetites big and small. 

Size: 2oz OR 6oz

Female Founded - Minority Owned - Clean Ingredients - Made in the USA

We at Giddy Up Nuts are California foodies who are passionate about an adventure and love eating well. We are woman owned and founded out of a desire to craft a delicious snack to satisfy your everyday wanderings.