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Rose Natural Bath Salts - Giften Market
Rose Natural Bath Salts - Giften Market
Rose Natural Bath Salts - Giften Market

Whispering Willow

Rose Natural Bath Salts

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A warm bath can be a retreat where you create a quiet space in the midst of your busy modern life. Our Natural Bath Salts help create this oasis.

Resting in the water you feel lighter and the burden of your day begins to lift. A gentle aroma from our Natural Bath Salts adds a layer of relaxation. Your body soaks in the minerals and nutrients from the ancient salts and a softness begins to seep into your muscles and joints.

Natural bath salt jars are the perfect gift for anyone committed to self-care!


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At Whispering Willow, we have been handcrafting natural apothecary products in North Carolina since 2010. While running our little soap company, we have learned so much about gratitude and intention. We have also learned to pause, be mindful, and prioritize our own health and well-being and we encourage you to do the same. At Whispering Willow we invite you to slow down, if only for a moment, take a deep breath and remember that caring for others always begins with caring for yourself. Be Well, Wayne & Julia.