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Relaxation Rituals Gift Box - Giften Market
Calm Club - Relaxation Gift Box
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Relaxation Gift Box
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Relaxation Gift Box - Giften Market

Luckies of London

Relaxation Rituals Gift Box

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It’s important to make time to relax. Inside you’ll find all you need to create a sanctuary of scented serenity in your own home. 

5 Piece Relaxation Kit Includes:

  • Baoding Balls with Fabric Case
  • Scented Bath Bomb
  • Ceramic Incense Dish
  • Sandalwood Scented Incense Cones x 12
  • Patchouli Soy Wax Candle
  • 5 Steps to Finding Your Calm Card

    Earth Kind 100% Recyclable Packaging

    Calm Club is committed to supporting mental health charities, donating a percentage of profits to good causes.  

    Here at Luckies we design and make interesting and original products from scratch. They are always our own ideas, always useful, always made with care and attention and always have fun at their heart.

    Born in 2005 from an innate desire to build something from scratch, our founder Jim Cox started Luckies armed with £4000, a very large laptop, and a desk under the stairs. Jim’s philosophy was clear – sell stuff he liked, work with people he liked, be creative, and be interesting. From there Luckies has evolved into an independent, creative, passionate, and agile company in the giftable accessories and homewares sector.