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Pineapple Air Plant Magnet - Giften Market
Pineapple Air Plant Magnet - Giften Market
Pineapple Air Plant Magnet - Giften Market


Pineapple Air Plant Magnet

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What's sweet, stands tall, and wears a crown? Hint: It's also a symbol of friendship, hospitality, and warmth.

Bring these cheerful vibes into your home with a pineapple air plant. Our handmade pineapple air plant holders are crafted from reclaimed wood and painted a tropical yellow or gold. Magnet attached to the back makes it easy to display and relocate as desired.

This listing includes 1 x Pineapple Air Plant Magnet Holder + 1 x Air Plant.

Measures approximately 2" x 1.5" x 1.5".

A new tree is planted for every planter purchased! Goodsmith works with Trees for the Future and Tree Era Co to plant trees in Africa and Canada.

All air plant holders are made using reclaimed wood collected from salvage yards in Los Angeles, CA. Each piece is made by hand one at a time and hand painted.

Goodsmith started as a creative hobby. After a brief stint working for a wood mill when I was younger, I learned how to use woodworking tools and machinery to make custom pieces. Working there gave me an insight into how much wood gets discarded and never used. It became a hobby to find ways to use the discarded pieces (offcuts) to make little wooden boxes and plant holders.