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Pear Balsamic Spoon Preserves - Giften Market
Girl Meets Dirt Spoon Preserves - Giften Market
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Pear Balsamic Spoon Preserves - Giften Market

Girl Meets Dirt

Pear Balsamic Spoon Preserves Jar

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Crafted with Bartlett pears from heirloom orchards, and reduced down with organic aged balsamic vinegar, we can’t get enough of this on Taleggio, Asiago, & blues.

Ingredients: bartlett pears, organic cane sugar, organic quince juice, organic aged balsamic vinegar, organic lemon juice.

Size: 7.75 ounces.

Handmade on Orcas Island.

We make the highest quality, locally sourced, organic fruit preserves & shrubs nature and careful craft can provide. Made in an old-school style that emphasizes structure and pure, ripe, naturally grown fruit -- we classically prepare them by hand in copper pots, with organic fair trade unrefined cane sugar, a squeeze of organic lemon, and fresh herbs from our kitchen garden.

Tailored for cheese & charcuterie pairings and cocktails and any celebratory occasion (cheers!). Heritage is what we’re about. Every preserve we make is single-varietal- to exalt this very special and unique fruit and celebrate where it came from (the ‘girl’ in our logo holds the native Orcas Pear- discovered growing wild on Orcas Island in the 1970s).