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Strongwater Orange Cocktail Bitters - Giften Market
Strongwater Cocktail Bitters
Old Fashioned Cocktail Bitters
Orange Cocktail Bitters - Strongwater
Orange Cocktail Bitters - Strongwater
Strongwater Cocktail Bitters Kit - Giften Market


Orange Cocktail Bitters

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Orange bitters is abundant in classic cocktail recipes. Our version -- fruit-forward, floral, and softly spiced -- offers an alternative to the one-note orange bitters that dominate the market. The secret’s in the hand-peeled orange zest, whose citrus oil smooths the edges of an exactingly calibrated mix of black walnut, gentian, clove, and cardamom. Evocative of fragrant orange groves, it’ll add new depth to any cocktail that calls for it, and has the versatility to match to any spirit.

Ingredients: orange peel, black walnut, gentian, clove, cardamom

Pairings: Whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka, Rum, or Gin

Cocktail RecipesOld FashionedNegroniBlack Manhattan

Size: 3oz.

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Small Batch - Handmade - Organic

Strongwater was started by a Chemist & Herbalist that had the desire to break free of cocktail convention in Denver, the Wild West of beverages and the next great cocktail city. Together, we untap the wisdom of 17th century strongwater apothecaries and bottle the same, celebrated magic with modern methods, power-packed botanicals and mountain spring water. Then we boldly blend them at high altitude for better, brighter and bolder sips worth sharing.