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Morning Rose Milk Bath - Soap Cherie

Soap Cherie

Morning Rose Milk Bath

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Skin softening formula used for centuries as a method to soften skin and combat itchy skin. This blend is made with powdered milk and coconut milk rich in essential amino acids and vitamins. Natural and luxurious our rich creamy milk bath brings smoothness to your bath and will leave your skin buttery smooth and hydrated.

Tips to use: add the desired amount to bathtub under running water and disperse throughout the bath with your fingers. Lay and enjoy!

Ingredients: powdered cows milk, coconut milk, cornstarch, baking soda, fragrant oil.

Net 8 oz.

Handmade - Eco-Friendly - Made in the USA

Soap Cherie is a wellness brand founded by two best friends from two different walks of life that have a passion for natural skincare and self-care. Driven by their own experiences of searching for solutions to maintaining sensitive skin. Limor and Jennifer began experimenting with herbalist remedies and developing effective formulas using simple ingredients inspired by nature.

Soap Cherie's mission is to deliver a line of effective self-care products our consumers can incorporate in their daily routine. We design & manufacture our full-line ranging from our creative bakery inspired soaps to relaxing bath salts and famous body scrubs out of our Bushwick studio in Brooklyn, NY.