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KUJU - Angels Landing Coffee - Giften Market


Angel's Landing - Single Serve Pour-Over Coffee

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 POUR OVER COFFEE - Light roast.

Ethically sourced from a family farm in Thailand that employs former sex-trafficked victims.


Kuju – A chance To cultivate our souls and rejuvenate our spirits. To Kuju.

We are a higher quality and impact-conscious portable single-serve option for any time you need to make a quality cup of coffee (or need to ditch that K-cup habit), at home or on-the-go, and love yourself some delicious pour over. Kuju is the perfect universal coffee gift option for everyone that loves a good cup of Joe! ( And that is a lot of people).

• Ethnically Sourced- Made with 100% Wind Power

• Organic and Fair trade options available

• Eco Friendly / Sustainable