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Happy Birthday Cookie Gift Box - Giften Market
Custom Cookie Gifts - Giften Market
Delight Patisserie Happy Birthday Cookie Sampler Box - Giften Market
Happy Birthday Gifts - Custom Cookies - Giften Market
Birthday Cookies Gift Box
Happy Birthday Cookie Gift Box - Giften Market

Delight Patisserie

Happy Birthday Cookies Mini Box

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The sampler box contains four individually packed cookies with the message “ This cookie is filled with love”. The gift box is of neutral light marble color.

It is a perfect gift to include in a Build-Your-Own Gift Box or to be sent as a small gift. 

Ingredients: flour, butter, powdered sugar, cage-free egg, vanilla extract, salt

Storage instructions: Cookies stay fresh for up to 6 weeks.

I am Celine, a pastry lover who trained in a pastry school in Paris. Ever since moving to Los Angeles, I have wanted to create some special sweets that can bring a little love and attention to the people we care about. And so our delicious custom butter cookies were born.

I worked and partnered with chef Jacques Dantas, whose 20 years of experience as a pastry chef in Paris, combined with my own zealous passion, became the secret ingredients for our custom cookies.

Though dipped in hard work and whipped by errors in trials, our journey of creation was also sprinkled with joy. These dainty cookies, with excitement in every bite, could it be your next journey, filled with joy and delight?

-They’re not just cookies anymore, but tasty packages of love and delight that you can share with anyone at any moment.

-Better yet, they are made with real ingredients, no artificial color, no overly sweet royal icing on top, and no preservatives. They are delicately crisp, just 2 or 3 bites of bliss

-Our cookies are handmade and hand packed with love in Los Angeles.