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Grass Fed Biltong - Lemon Pepper - Giften Market

Brooklyn Biltong

Grass Fed Biltong - Lemon Pepper

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Tender strips of beef with a recipe brimming with garlic and chilies, named after the Peri Peri chili pepper. South Africa's version of beef jerky. But it is oh-so-much more. Dried slowly to maintain tempting mouth-watering flavor. Marinated with spices like garlic and ginger, with chilies for heat and vinegar for maximum tenderness. There are zero sugars, no corn syrups, and no artificial preservatives. It is Paleo friendly.

Size: 2oz

CEO Ben van den Heever grew up in Pretoria, South Africa. He could often be found at his grandfather's butchery. Oupa Dawie (his grandfather) was a very lovable butcher and respected hunter. He made some of the "best biltong" in Pretoria. Ben would never leave without a paper bag full of fresh biltong.

Ben van den Heever was living as a programmer and part time musician in Brooklyn, NY. He made his own biltong every now and again, based on his Grandpa’s recipe. After he met and married American Emily Conley, they started their journey in an inspiring city! The company started with Ben and Em (now van den Heever too!) on their Brooklyn stoop eating leftover wedding food. Having gotten married the day before, they were talking about the party. They kept coming back to their friends excitement over the small batch of ‘kitchen biltong’, happily devoured at the reception.