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Garden in a Bag - Basil - Giften Market
Herb Gifts - Basil Grow Kit
Grow Your Own Basil Gift Set - Giften Market
Garden in a Bag Herb Kit - Basil
Grow Your Own Basil - Potting Shed Creations
Basil Grow Kit - Giften Market
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Potting Shed Creations

Garden in a Bag - Basil

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King of the herbs, basil is a favorite among many cooks for its incredible flavor, which is at its peak when used fresh from the plant.

Includes: organic seed, OMRI listed soil, coconut husks for drainage, directions.

Complete to grow kit containing everything you need to grow fresh Organic Basil in a windowsill or any sunny spot indoors, year-round, directly in the leak-proof bag.

Made in United States of America.

Eco-Friendly - Handmade - Organic

Potting Shed is a design company inspired by reclaimed objects, a love of food, science and modern culture, with a simple focus — to design and build, by hand, genuine products for everyday living. People build better products than machines.