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Inked by Dani Temporary Tattoos - Flowers
Floral Tattoo Pack - Inked by Dani
Unique Gifts for Her - Flower Child Temporary Tattoo Pack
Dainty Flower Tattoos - Giften Market
Unique Gifts for Her - Temporary Tattoos
Flower Child Tattoos - Giften Market Gifts for Her
Birthday Gifts for Her - Flower Child - Inked by Dani
Inked by Dani Temporary Tattoo Pack
Floral Tattoo Pack - Temporary Floral Tattoos

Inked by Dani

Flower Child Temporary Tattoo Pack

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A collection of gorgeous, delicate floral designs. Our botanical tattoos look beautiful, timeless, and totally unique.

-Hand-drawn designs
-Cruelty free ink
-Sizes range from 1.5" x 1.5" to 2" x 2"
-Safe and non-toxic
-Easy to apply with just water

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Handmade / Social Good  / Women-Owned

Wanting to take an elevated twist on the temporary tattoo craze, artist and founder Dani Egna created a line of chic and creative temporary tattoos inspired by her hand-drawn designs. Dani, the founder, CEO, and head designer, received a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Southern California in May 2015 where she started the brand. Her artistic creativity and training, eye for style and trends, and entrepreneurial ambition led her to create a lifestyle brand that perfectly meshes art, beauty and fashion.

Dani and INKED was honored with Forbes 30 Under in 30 in 2020! We've created more than just a temporary tattoo- inked is hand-drawn wearable art, with designs you'd actually want to get for real. we thrive off giving our customers the ability to express themselves without the commitment. we know tattoos are fun, but the permanency isn't for everyone. With INKED, we give everyone the opportunity to join in on the fun! With their signature on-trend style and worldwide fan base, INKED by Dani is redefining temporary tattoos into a whole new world of upscale, wearable art. Our tattoo ink is vegetable based, cruelty free, vegan, waterproof, non-toxic, and made in the U.S.A.! Our packaging is reusable and recyclable.