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Nash & Jones Clay Mask Duo - Giften Market

Nash and Jones

Clay Mask Duo

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The Clay Mask Duo combines two fan favorite mineral masks in a stylish, giftable box:

  • Plant Clay Mask
  • Earth Clay Mask

French Green Clay is used in our Plant Clay Mask and the amazing Rhassoul Clay from Morocco is used in our Earth Clay Mask.

Size: 1.8oz per jar (2 jars total)

Made in the USA

The Nash & Jones line began out of necessity. After our babes were born, we all started having awful sensitivities to strong smells, scratchy touch and unnatural food ingredients so we adopted a more natural lifestyle.

This included changes to what we consumed on the inside AND the outside of our bodies. We started a garden and crafted the first of many products we use daily. We went back to the earth for naturally grown & harvested ingredients to craft natural & effective solutions. After all, what we put onto our skin also gets absorbed into the body.

Our skin produces oils to hydrate and aid our skin’s healthy cell life cycle, so our products employ the highest quality, non-comedogenic oils and complimentary natural ingredients to nourish skin, encourage cell regeneration and keep pores clean & bright.