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Isadore Nut Co - Cinnamon Spice Mix
Isadore Nut Co. - Cashews, Pecans, Walnuts

Isadore Nut Co.

Cinnamon Spice Nut Mix - 5oz Jar

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Nutritious and Healthy Snacking - We believe that food should heal. Cinnamon is a natural sweetener that curbs sugar cravings and lowers blood sugar.

We only sweeten with a kiss of local maple syrup so high protein nuts with their healthy fats combined with a non-refined sugar leaves you feeling full after just one delicious handful, if you can stop at one!

Size: 5oz Jar

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We’ve been in business over seven years. In that time, we’ve made a commitment to only source the best ingredients to make the most delicious, healthy nut mixes. We work directly with farmers focused on environmental stewardship and pay them a fair price which equals the highest quality you can taste. Our ethically sourced ingredients are handmade by people of all abilities. 

Award-winning Taste - We don’t like to brag, but our Zesty Lemon Rosemary nut mix won Best Snack in the 2020 Good Food Awards. We’re very excited that our best seller with the layering effect of fresh rosemary, a burst of lemon, cumin seed and sesame seed mixed with a touch of maple syrup roasted onto buttery pecans, rich cashews and earthy walnuts create a flavor described as fireworks in the mouth!

We Provide Inclusive Employment - Two years ago, we made the most significant change in our company - we started hiring people with disabilities. This was hands down the best decision we ever made! In the US, 80% of people with disabilities are unemployed or under-employed. Your purchase is helping reduce that terrible statistic one person at a time. Help us spread the word to encourage more companies to hire inclusively.