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Cinnamon Roll Energy Bites - Giften Market
Cinnamon Roll Energy Bites - Giften Market
Cinnamon Roll Energy Bites - Giften Market

Unwrapp'd Protein Bites

Cinnamon Roll Energy Bites

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No funny business. Made by a nutritionist, these energy bites are perfect for when you don’t want a whole bar. Packed with the perfect combination of plant-based protein, fiber, and healthy fats to provide you a clean and natural energy boost.
California-grown dates + cashews + walnuts + vanilla + cinnamon + sea salt. That’s all, folks.

  • No added sugar.
    Sweetened with vitamin and mineral-rich fruit.
  • There's no excuse for single-use: each jar contains 5 energy bars worth of bites unwrapped inside.
  • Recycle or reuse it when finished :-)
  • **Please be sure to refrigerate upon receipt**

Tom Miner is a former consultant to the EPA and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory by day, personal trainer by night. As a recovering protein bar addict, Tom noticed that the bars he was eating were nothing but candy bars in disguise. And the packaging was just as bad. All those bars Tom had been eating were wrapped in single-use disposable wrappers, so his landfill contributions were adding up.

Not able to find everything he was looking for in a protein bar (soft like cookie dough, plant based and packaged in recyclable packaging), Tom created Unwrapp'd. Unwrapp'd Energy & Protein Bites have all the best attributes of bars (on-the-go snacking convenience) without the hidden artificial ingredients and wasteful packaging.

Featured in The Denver Post, The Des Moines Register and MTV on Campus, Unwrapp'd is changing the definition of energy and protein bars.