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Wild Botanicals-Breathe Again 1oz Tin- Giften Market

Wild Botanicals

Breathe Again Vapor & Chest Rub Tin

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Honestly...this chest rub is amazing. The aroma of real essential oils such as camphor and eucalyptus is mild yet powerful. It revitalizes your airways to open up and relax. Most chest rubs on the commercial market are full of toxic chemicals like turpentine and petroleum, and synthetic fragrances to enhance a fake scent.


  • organic arnica infused olive oil,
  • meadowfoam seed oil,
  • beeswax,
  • castor oil,
  • kokum butter,
  • camphor oil,
  • cajeput oil,
  • eucalyptus oil,
  • rosemary oil,
  • peppermint oil

Made in the United States of America


    Handmade in central Illinois, Felicia formulates with a specific intention, using completely natural and organic ingredients to keep the body free of harsh chemicals while cleansing and renewing the skin. Wild Botanicals is natural, small-batch, artisan, body, and skincare.