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Beaded Bangle Bracelet in Dark Blue
Beaded Bangle Bracelet in Dark Blue
Beaded Bangle Bracelet in Dark Blue


Beaded Bangle Bracelet in Dark Blue

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Go bold with our colorful handmade bangle bracelet. Handmade by Maasai women in Kenya featuring dark and multicolored beads.

Diameter: 3.25"

Bangles sold separately.

All Nashipai pieces are handmade with love and personal attention to detail. This means you may notice some variation, such as pieces being slightly longer or wider than the image shown. You can trust they are one of a kind, exactly the way you would want them to be.

Nashipai (nai-she-pie) sells bold, socially conscious jewelry.

We partner alongside talented entrepreneurial Maasai women who make unique and colorful jewelry and accessories that fierce, trendy women want to wear. With each sale, Nashipai is able to give back not only to the women in Kenya through fair wages, but also through donated menstrual kits. In addition, Nashipai provides youth work opportunities through its U.S. operations. Find out more about The Good that we are doing!

Nashipai means “ever happy” in Maasai, the language of the Maasai people, a semi-nomadic and pastoral tribe in Kenya and Tanzania. Nashipai is the name that was given to founder Jenny Behrens by the Maasai women.  We want everyone who wears Nashipai jewelry to feel bold, untamed, independent, powerful, courageous, daring, passionate, and strong minded. Find your “ever happy” with Nashipai jewelry.