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Coro Foods Uncured Classic Salami - Giften Market
Coro Classic Salami - Meat and Cheese Gift Ideas - Giften Market

Coro Foods

Artisan Salami - Classic

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Coro Artisan Meats presents Classic Uncured Piccolo Salami with a hint of ginger and garlic. All natural, no nitrate.

5oz piccolo salami is 7 inches long by 1.6 inches wide.  

Easy-to-eat & ready to slice. No instructions, soaking, or peeling required. All our meat is shelf stable. Refrigeration is not required.

Handmade in the USA /  Women-Owned / Small Batch / Social Good

For over 20 years Salumi (Coro Foods) has been handcrafting cured meats with new world flavors and the finest ingredients. From our home in Seattle we combine old world techniques with new world thinking, a modern palate, and a deep desire to share what we cook up with people that care as much as we do about the food they put on their plate. This is personal for us. We tie our aprons every morning because we love the craft and we love our product.

To make our salumi requires a unique combination of art, attention, skill, and patience. Unconventional spices, applied techniques, and innovative processes conspire to create new and unexpected flavors which delight with every bite. We stand apart because of our new world flavors, our finest ingredients, our mind for science, and our belief that eating well is what we live for.