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Eucalyptus Bath Salt Soak - Giften Market
Eucalyptus Salt Soak - Giften Market
Bath Salts - Eucalyptus - Made in the USA
Eucalyptus Salt Soak - Giften Market
Bath Salt Soak - Giften Market - URB Apothecary

URB Apothecary

Soothe Salt Soak

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We thought a little color-therapy would be a perfect accompaniment to this muscle and nerve easing mineral bath soak.

Eucalyptus supports lung and sinus health, lemon soothes nerves, and aloe vera calms irritated skin, and this all together for a mineral-replenishing and nourishing green-hued bath soak.

Epsom salt, Sonoma Coast sea salt, French green clay, aloe vera leaf powder*, eucalyptus* and lemons essential oils, dendritic salt, and amor. * organic

8 oz jar

URB APOTHECARY sprang out of a passion project and has blossomed into Leyna's vision for bringing the healing power of plants into daily beauty and grooming rituals, reconnecting individuals to their own natural beauty and while being mindful of their environmental impact. Botanical gold.