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TOPS Malibu

Sparks Fly Mini Single Sparkler

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Sparks will Fly! Celebrate the 4th of July, wonderful party favors, dessert toppers, and hostess gifts.

Have a guest light a sparkler, making a toast. Then touch their sparkler to the sparkler of the person beside them, and the chain of sparkling toasts continues.

Mini stick sparklers are 4" tall. Clean burning. (Adult supervision always.)


In the 1980s TOPS Gallery was born in Malibu- a store of unusual functional art. Wishing to design my own product, the fleeting thought came in the bathtub -a candle with a fortune capsule with messages, charms, and gems hidden inside. We named them Good Fortune Candles®.

All fortunes pertained to following your intuition and watch the wonderful doors that open for you. Follow your heart. Stay out of your own way.