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Maya's Peaches + Lavender Syrup Good Food Awards
Maya's Peaches + Lavender Cocktail Syrup
Maya's Cocktail Mix - Peaches + Organic Lavender
Peach Cocktail Syrup - Giften Market

Maya's Jams

Peaches + Organic Lavender Cocktail Syrup

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When you're stuck inside but dreaming of a trip to France, indulge in a peach + lavender Bellini in the comfort and safety of you own home. Made with fresh peaches, organic lavender directly from southern France, and organic lemon.

  • Only 8g sugar and 30 calories per serving

  • 80% less sugar + calories compared to regular soda

  • Vegan, naturally gluten-free, non-gmo, 100% natural

  • No high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup or corn sugar, no artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives

  • Please refrigerate after opening

  • Use 1/2 oz syrup per drink: 4oz bottle = 8 drinks 

Enjoy a guilt-free, low-calorie, and healthier craft soda and elevate any cocktail by simply adding maya’s syrup. super fast, easy, and delicious!

Perfect for your soda stream and as cocktail mixer.

Ingredients: peaches, water, organic lavender, pure cane sugar, organic lemon juice. 

What do a world renowned cardiologist, an acclaimed photographer, and a student of buddhism have in common?

They make jam and syrup, of course!

Meet Dr. Beatrice, Irinel, and Maya. A three-generation team of grandmother, mother, and daughter working together everyday for a healthier, tastier world.