Maker Spotlight: Squared.One Photo Lab

Print you own high-end photography gifts with Squared!


Squared allows you to easily print high quality photo magnets, retro prints, and photo books from your Instagram, mobile, laptop, or desktop. 

All photos are printed with care in the best photo lab in Prague. Squared works with top Czech designers and is constantly coming up with new ideas.

"Nothing beats the genuine experience of real sharing. Our albums are made in the Czech Republic by the best designers - by hand and with extraordinary love and care, on high-quality paper and with excellent binding. They're beautiful to look at, and practical to use."

I've tried many on-demand printing services for prints, magnets, and photo books, but Squared is my favorite. In fact, I've never sent a Squared gift that wasn't met with immediate gratitude!


Pro Tip: Order retro prints and/or photo books immediately following a trip or wedding/special occasion to capture memories and thank those people who made it so special. 

Photography Print Gift Card Ideas

We had the pleasure of chatting with the Squared.One team to learn more about their business and gifting tips. Read on for more information + ideas!

1. How did Squared.One get started?

In the beginning there was the photograph, then there was Instagram. We decided to bring the joy of taking pictures back to paper. We had missed an online service for ordering pictures or photo books. At first we only made retro photo prints in our iconic minilab, but later on we extended to other products.

2. I see you have a gifts tab on your site (which we love!) ... approx. how long does it take to design these gifts?

It depends. Mostly it takes about 20mins, you just upload the photos and than of course depends on how many pictures you work with. But the photobook can take a bit longer – about an hour. When you want to make a really nice one. It's better to have some time to prepare the pictures and then make a nice book with a story. 

3. In your opinion, why are Squared.One products the perfect present (for the holidays and beyond)?

Our goal is to bring joy to other people and to celebrate all the ordinary + special moments. Nothing beats the genuine experience of real sharing!


4. Anything else we should know about Squared.One?

We are very proud of our printing and manufacturing. Every detail is meaningful, therefore our products are hand-made by specialists in their field and Czech designers. Behind every magnet there is a piece of human work. Our albums are made with extraordinary love and care, on high-quality paper and with excellent binding. They are both beautiful to look at and practical to use.


That's all, folks! If you're looking for high-quality, quick-turn photo gifts, including:

  • Retro "Polaroid Style" Prints
  • Photo Magnets
  • Photo Books (starting at $19)
  • Posters* + Wall Art
  • Custom Calendars

Check out Squared.One. You won't regret it. 


Giften Tip: As shown above, use Retro Prints in place of "To / From Gift Tags" for a personalized touch. Either select a photo of the individual and/or a memory + their name below! 

*I printed one of my husband's Cabo San Lucas photos as a poster and paired it with an Elizabeth Hales Design hanging poster frame and hung it in our dining room while he was traveling on business.

Upon his return... "Woah, where'd you get that?!" he asked. Had to remind him it was his own photo from a few years back! In other words, he loves it. Nothing better than using your own photographs as art and being constantly reminded of one of your favorite travel destinations.

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